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Body Whitening Cream

“I can see the difference in the skin, it has lighten dark areas around my armpits, elbows. and stretch marks too!!!”

- Yahayra M

What is it?

A powerful all-natural cream, featuring the powerful ingredients acts as a superfood for the deepest layer of your skin.

Experience the luxury and pure organic ingredients revitalizing your skin with New Whitening cream.

Why is it special?

  • Remove dark underarms and dark skin on neck, knees & elbows.
  • Hydrates & softens elbows,neck, underarms and knees.
  • Evens skin tone.
  • Remove dead skin.
  • Eliminates patchy skin.



  • Cleanse your elbows and knees with water to clean and remove dust particles settled on it.
  • Take a blob of Whitening Cream and apply liberally on elbows & knees.
  • Massage gently to let the skin absorb the nourishing whitening cream completely.
  • For best results, nourish your dry, patchy elbows & knees, twice a day with the cream, and feel the difference.


Aqua, Glycerol, Hydrolyzed collagen, Sorbitol, White mineral oil, PEG-30, Dimeric Hydroxysteraric acid ester, Nano-Titanium dioxide, Dioctyl carbonate, Magnesium Stearate, Hydroxybenzophennone, Fragance

Package Includes:

1pc X Whitening Cream (depending upon bundle you choose)

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6 Key Benefits Of Whitening Cream

It’s time to heighten up your confidence level and bring back that vibrantly youthful, glowing spotless skin.

Why It’s Important To Take Care Of Your Body Like Your Face?

Generally, we do a hell lot of remedies like facials, scrubbing, and massage treatments to get a glowing look but, when it comes to the neck, underarm, knees and elbows we often don't take enough care.

As a result, the skin around our neck, underarm, knees and elbow is noticeably darker than the surrounding skin.

Just like our skin on the face our body also gets almost the same amount of exposure.

So, It's about time you stopped worrying about it!!

Include this awesome skin lightening cream in your daily beauty regime, and flaunt your flawless arms and legs fearlessly!

See Real Results

Our products are formulated for all skin types. No nasties. Cruelty-free. Just what your skin needs.


Most Upvoted Reviews

"Glycerin in this cream works really well, It makes your skin smooth ,soft and hydrated. regular use of this cream will make your elbow and knee to match to your original skin" tone


-Asma C

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"Lovely elbow and knee creamHas been applying from 1 week and can already see that my knee is quite brightened... also using for elbow.The scent is decent and has a thick creamy texture"

Works great!

-Rebel S

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"It is great to whiten your black knees and elbows which has turned dark over time. I have been using it for few weeks now and got visible results and i suggest everyone looking to lighten their dark knees and elbows to use this"

best for Underarm

-Julie M

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Take a look at the superfood secrets behind our formula.

Why choose Body Whitening Cream?

If you hide behind long-sleeved shirts and skirts because of dark and patchy knees and elbows, neck and underarms we have good news for you!

We're bringing you a skin lightening cream specifically for your knees, neck, underarms and elbows. Whitening Cream removes dead cells and skin, and hydrates to soften and smoothen the rough elbow and knee areas. It also helps in fixing those patches of dark skin and evens your skin tone!

So stop wasting time on ineffective remedies for dark knees and bring out those hot pair of shorts you have always wanted to wear!

No More Covering Up!

We know you are constant wondering about how to lighten elbows and knees, and we thought of making your life a little easier!

This Whitening Cream has powerful ingredients to effectively lighten, soften and moisturize your elbows and knees. 

It has the right amount of natural extracts to even out thick and darkened skin, and remove dead skin cell. 

The Glycerin gently works on the patches and spot, giving them a smoother and softer feel. 

Add this magic potion to your vanity kit, and never again compromise on what you want to wear.

Perfect Care for Your Ignored Elbows, Knees, Neck & Dark underarms

Regardless of what you do, your elbows and knees are prone to getting dark due to the dust and pollution around. Besides, you tend to take them for granted until you suddenly have to wear that short sleeveless dress for your upcoming date, don’t you? 

Unlike face and hair, Elbows, Knees, Neck & Dark underarms are not attention seekers, and we too, happily forget to nourish them. 

But they need just as much pampering and care, without which they incur a lot of damage.

Rest assured, as you can now provide them the necessary nourishment and hydration through Whitening Cream.

Certified organic extracts

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Dermatologist Approved

Safe for all skin types


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Works great!

I have tried so many different methods to lighten up my armpits and nothing worked until I bought this cream! I noticed results within 15 days! I would highly recommend this to anyone who is struggling with trying to lighten their skin. It's super easy to use does not stink nor does it burn. It feels smooth like lotion and works so good! I've been using it for my armpits and elbows. Will definitely be purchasing this again to help me get prepped for summer so I can wear tank tops and be confident!


After My pregnancy my under arm gets so dark I am been using this product since February and I noticed a great benefit on my skin it’s so easy to use an accessible with the price also great results

Kinda Works

Been using this cream for a couple days (once in the morning then again before bed) and have noticed a slight change in color. Like other reviewers have mentioned, this cream is really white on application, so it's really hard to gauge how well it's working until after stepping out of the shower. Will update my review in another week on the progress.

Amazing Product

Back in July my mother was admitted for health issues and the physicians were unable to locate her veins due. They poked her arms several times causing marks that she thought would be permanent. However, we purchased this cream and we are content with the results. Her marks were much darker and prominent but looks so much better.

Genesis M.
Safe for sensitive skin!

I was very hesitant at first to try any lightening cream on my skin since I have very sensitive skin & I’m eczema prone.
Before I bought this cream I was using another, more expensive cream I bought off of Amazon but I didn’t really see drastic results. That was until I tried this cream, a fraction of the price & faster results.