Beating hyperpigmentation: Olivia’s Story

Beating hyperpigmentation: Olivia’s Story

Not long ago I had a face full of hyperpigmentation, pimple marks, dark circles, dark spots etc. This affected my confidence so much. I am lean and tall, good hair, good eyes, good features, good smile, etc. 

Inspite of inheriting very good genes from my parents, both of them have flawless skin, my skin was never perfect. There were times when it was less worse than other times but don’t remember having a day in those times when my skin was perfect.

I juggled between numerous cosmetic products, spent ample time in front of the mirror cursing my skin, frequented the dermatologist, edited my pictures to look good. I hesitated to behave how I really wanted to socially. 

Basically even though my skin wasn’t horrible per say, I stressed so much over it and let it affect me so much. This is precisely the negativity which made my skin worse gradually. My negative thoughts attracted more acne, more pigmentation, deeper dark circles.

And then I decided to use Inspiringmart's Skin Brightening Oil to clear my skin up.

Let me tell you, it’s not easy to just suddenly imagine and believe that you have flawless skin after months and months of grumbling about unclean skin. But you got to do what you got to do, if you want The Secret to work for you. You need to start slow. That is precisely what I did.

The first thing I did was take a piece of paper and write on it how exactly I wanted my skin to be and I ASKED the universe and god to grant me that. I read this piece of paper every night and then imagined how my skin would look like when it gets clear.

To help with visualisation, I even found a picture of a person with clear skin and stuck it on the paper. It helps to find the picture of a person with similar skin colour as yours and similar facial features, as it then becomes easier to imagine yourself with that clear skin. Then on another piece of paper I would express gratitude to the universe for granting me exactly the same skin and FEEL GOOD about my skin. I would then go off to sleep.

While I did this at night, throughout the day I tried my best to believe that I have perfect skin. I stopped all negative thoughts about my skin. I stopped spending time in front of the mirror cursing my skin. I stopped applying countless creams on my face. I just stuck to the couple which worked best for me and threw away the rest. This wasn’t easy like I said. But all that is needed is that your magnitude of positive thoughts should outweigh the negative thoughts and your wish shall be granted. Hence even though I continued getting a few negative thoughts about my skin, the positive thoughts clearly outweighed them.

Almost miraculously, I started seeing improvements in my skin on a daily basis.

Every morning I would wake up to fewer dark spots and hyperpigmentation and dark circles. Every day my skin became clearer and clearer till a point it was almost perfect. And then there was a day when my skin exactly matched the flawless skin of the person whose picture I saw every night.

I cried.

Thank you to Inspiringmart and it's Brightening Oil.

Believe me guys, it really works. Just keep yourself motivated and if used correctly, Brightening Oil gives you anything you want.

And always remember, when you really, really want something, the entire universe helps you in getting that.


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