How to pay by Credit or Debit Card without a PayPal Account

1. On the first screen, look for a link titled "Check Out as a Guest". You may also see something similar like "Pay with Credit or Debit Card" or "Don't have a PayPal account?" Select this link to open the credit/debit card input screen.

2. On the next screen, enter your credit or debit card information, billing address and contact details. You will also be asked if you want to create a PayPal account. If you decide to do so, you can register with the information you entered, or just choose 'No' and then click 'Pay Now'


3. Review the payment details and finalize your payment. That's it!


PayPal normally figures out if you have a PayPal account or not from the cookies on your computer. If you don't see an option to 'Check out as a guest' or 'Pay with credit or debit card', try deleting all the cookies on your browser and then proceeding to PayPal. PayPal should then present you with the option to pay by credit or debit card.

The availability to pay with a credit or debit card without a PayPal account is determined by various security factors including your browser, cookies, locale, IP, etc. The checkout page is also laid out in such a way as to 'imply' that you should create an account. The link to pay directly may be collapsed or at the bottom of the page, making it hard to see. You may also need to consider that the personal details you give about your credit or debit card maybe connected with an old PayPal account.

If your credit or debit card is being rejected by PayPal, it might be due to one of the following reasons:

Your card was previously used with a PayPal account or assigned to a closed account. PayPal remembers credit card details even when they have already been removed from an account. In this case, try another credit card or assign the credit card to a PayPal account and pay.

Your card is linked or associated with a specific PayPal account. Try logging in to that PayPal account during payment and changing the source of the funds to credit card instead of PayPal balance.

You've exceeded your card limit with the PayPal system. There is a limit based on the number of times a credit card can be used within the PayPal system without having to verify ownership by opening an account. A credit card has a total lifetime transaction limit of approximately $4000. This value is the total of all payments ever made through the PayPal Guest Checkout Experience on that credit card. Even if the total is below $4000, you can only use that card 15 times as a guest. The restriction is for security and fraud protection. In this case, you will need to sign up for a PayPal account in order to use that credit card.