5 Makeup Tips to Dazzle this Holiday Season


Tis the season for occasions. 

Holiday parties. Weekends away. Family Dinners. Office events. Relatives flying in from out of town. Friends getting together. 

No matter what you have planned for the holidays, there will be plenty of chances to look your best, and plenty of opportunities to dazzle everyone you see.

And why not dazzle everyone, simply by looking like you? Why not bring out your own natural beauty, and show them just how gorgeous you already are?

Today, we have a few tips on how you can use to help create this natural look for the holidays. Read on for all the details. 

1. Only show your newest, best skin for the holidays.


How to achieve this look: In a word, exfoliate. When you exfoliate, you strip away any tired-looking skin cells from your face and make room for your newest, most beautiful skin. 


When you’re getting ready for holiday parties or gatherings this year, take a few extra minutes to exfoliate first, to reveal your freshest-looking skin. 

Our new color correction works great for this. It’s safe to use every day to exfoliate away your dull skin cells, and deep clean your pores. (It also exfoliates your skin in five minutes, so it’s perfect for a quick pre-party exfoliation.)


2. Make your skin glow for every occasion. 


How to achieve this look: Moisturize your face before you apply makeup, especially foundation. By moisturizing first, you’ll give your skin a healthy-looking glow, and a hydrated surface for applying your makeup. 

You may find you don’t need to use foundation at all, after you moisturize. However, if you do choose to wear foundation, we suggest only using a very thin application of a creamy luxurious foundation. (Powdered foundation tends to accentuate any fine lines on your face, so always choose cream.) 

3. Enjoy a sunkissed look in the dead of winter.


How to achieve this look: Try applying FLAWLESS COLOR CHANGING FOUNDATION everywhere you naturally blush. That includes your cheekbones, forehead, sides of your eyes, sides of your neck, and décolleté.


The color blends to match your skin tone, so it looks like you’re naturally blushing with pleasure, or you have just been away for a holiday weekend in the sun. 



4. Finish with the right lip color to dazzle them all.


How to achieve this look: Choose a lipstick that matches your gums. It’s a simple way to make sure you’re always selecting a natural-looking lip color. 

Those are just a few ideas. If you’re already a customer, we would love to hear how you’re using your favorites in the comments below.

No matter if you’re a customer or not, we want to thank you for being here. Thank you for being one of our readers, and helping us to continue the young and Pro-age Revolution right here every week. 



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