50 Reasons to Moisturize Your Skin

Moisture feels amazing on your skin, doesn’t it?

We’ve been saying for years how important it is to keep your skin moisturized in many different life situations. 

So just for fun, we challenged ourselves to come up with 50 reasons you might want to moisturize your skin. 

Here’s what we came up with. Did we miss any?

You’re doing your normal routine.

1. You’re about to apply your makeup and always moisturize first.

2. You just washed your face and always moisturize next.

3. You just exfoliated your skin, and your skin could use the extra moisture

4. You just shaved your legs and moisturize your skin afterwards

5. You’re about to apply sunscreen and want to protect your skin, so you’re applying a moisturizer first.

6. You’re switching to a simpler makeup routine, so you’re replacing foundation, concealer or other makeup with a moisturizer.

You’re going somewhere new.

7. You’re moving to a new, drier climate where your skin will need moisture. Or you’re a snowbird who migrates for part of the year, and the moisturizer helps your skin adapt.

  8. You’re traveling to a new place and getting on a dry, temperature-controlled airplane to fly there.

  9. You’re starting a new job today and want to look your best.

  10. You’re going on a long road trip and want your skin to stay hydrated in the air-conditioned or heated car.

  11. You’re getting on a crowded bus, train, subway or another form of public transportation—and want to protect your skin while you’re on the road.

  12. You’re headed to a dance class where you want your skin to look (and feel) soft.

  13. You’re going to a party, reunion, family gathering or another event with people you haven’t seen in awhile, so you want to look your best.

  14. You have a job interview and want to look professional.  

You’ll soon feel the wind in your face.

15. You’re driving with the windows rolled down.

16. You’re going to play in the snow with your children or grandchildren.

17. You’re going sledding. 

18. You’re taking a carriage ride around the city. 

19. You’re going for a walk around your neighborhood. 

20. You’re running a 10K, 5K or other race.

21. You’re walking down a breezy beach.

22. You’re working outside in your garden.

23. You’re going swimming in the ocean or lake.

24. You going for a bike ride. 

25. You’re on a boat—whether it’s a cruise ship or a tiny fishing boat.

26. You’re playing tennis, golfing or participating in another outdoor sport.

27. You’re doing yoga, painting, volunteering or partaking in some other outdoor activity.

28. You’re attending an outdoor sporting event, concert, musical or play.

You’re the adventurous type.

29. You’re about to ride a rollercoaster.

30. You’re taking a ride on a motorcycle.

31. You’re going horseback riding.    

32. You’re hiking on trails or in the mountains.

33. You’re skiing—either downhill or cross country.

34. You’re going skydiving or ziplining.

35. You love water sports, and you’re surfing, jet skiing, water skiing or tubing. 

You’re just going about your day.

36. You’re going to work and want your skin to stay hydrated all day.

37. You’re meeting up with friends or family and want to look fantastic.

38. You’re going outside in a city where your skin will be exposed to pollution, free radicals and the elements—and want to protect your skin. 

39. You’re going shopping in a heated or air-conditioned mall.

40. You’re going to work out (or you just worked out), and your skin is feeling dry.

41. You’re going out for the evening and want to look your best.

42. You’re washing dishes or cleaning up—and it’s drying out your hands. 

43. You have a date and want your face to feel touchably soft. 

44. You’re getting ready to go to bed and always moisturize before you sleep.

Just because…

45. It’s dry-skin season. Enough said.

46. It’s the middle of summer, and the sun is drying out your skin. 

47. You have chapped lips.

48. You looked down and saw dry hands.

49. You see thirsty skin when you look in the mirror. 

50. You’re about to take a selfie and you want to look extra good. 

Bonus: You moisturize every day—no matter what. 

Did we miss any?


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