4 Ways to Feel More Beautiful Every Minute of Every Day.

We often say how you feel on the inside determines how you look on the outside.

When a woman is lit up, feeling good about herself, embracing who she is and how she looks—it shows. More than any product, any makeup technique, any fashion choice or hairstyle—the #1 thing that makes a woman look beautiful is how beautiful she feels.

But sometimes “feeling beautiful” is easier said than done.

What if you’re worn out, or tired, or stressed? What if life has been, well, life, and you haven’t had a lot of time for self-care? What if you’re struggling with your beauty image at the moment? How do you get from feeling defeated to feeling beautiful?

Sometimes we all need a little help making that leap.

Here are some things I’ve found help me feel beautiful—including tricks I’ve learned from our Women of the Pro-age Revolution!

Practice kindness.

That might seem like an unusual idea—what does kindness have to do with looking beautiful? But you have to admit:, kindness feels great.

It’s incredibly reliable. I find that no matter how crummy I’m feeling, how tired or stressed out, doing anything kind for another person lifts the weight off my shoulders, brightens my mood and makes me feel great.

And when I see that kindness reflected back in the other person’s gratitude or surprise, it’s even better!

Even something as simple as giving up your seat on the train can make you feel great. See what happens if you look for little opportunities throughout the day to practice kindness. It’ll make you glow from the inside—and you’ll feel more beautiful as a result.

Listen to the people who love you.

So often, we can get used to the people who love us. We start to take them for granted—especially if we live with them.

But the people who love us—our friends, our partners, our children—tend to think we’re beautiful. Sometimes they even remember to tell us! We just need to listen.

See what happens when you remind yourself that the people who love you think you’re beautiful inside (that’s why they love you!). Then be sure to listen to them when they tell you.

Remind yourself of what you love about yourself.

There are a million ways to do this. You can hang up post-its with reminders. Write in your journal. Or just take a moment to think or say something nice about yourself when you look in a mirror!

Try focusing on the qualities you love about yourself. Maybe it’s your leadership ability, your love for those around you, your amazing ability to multitask, your sense of humor, your endurance, or your strength. Periodically take a few seconds to remember those things.

Even if I don’t feel “beautiful” on any given day, I notice that if I focus on other positive qualities about myself—whatever feels accessible!—I feel and look better overall.

Experiment with adornment.

Some days we have time to really get dressed up, put on a new funky outfit, or do something fabulous with our hair.

Other times we barely have a moment to moisturize on our way out the door. But even on those days, we can do a few quick things to feel beautiful. We can rock some great earrings, try a fun color of mascara, or throw on a scarf in our favorite color.

Even when you’ve got a lot more to do than spend an hour getting dressed, it’s possible to bring a little playfulness to the day. Sometimes that one bright splash of color or fun piece of jewelry can transform the way we feel!

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